Meaning[edit | edit source]

MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  It ultimately means that a large number of people (any where from hundreds to thousands to millions) of people are able to play in the same game environment.  In order to accomplish this, all players must have an internet connection active to play the game.  There are usually some quests/missions that players can group together and play, or each person can play on their own within the environment if they so choose.  The RPG portion of the game is simply stated that because you are playing a character you created (the look, the style, the name, etc.).  Some players in some games wish to further that and give their character or avatar a background and purpose.  These are the truer form of role players, and are not uncommon to see at local gathering spots like inns or salloons and the like in the game world.

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