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Meh Yewll is an Indogene; she works as a doctor in the town of Defiance.


Before and During the Pale Wars, she appears to have held an important position as a scientist working for the Votan Military. Her notoriety was recognized by Pol Madis.

Meh Yewll arrived in Defiance following the Pale Wars, she intended to stay a week and move on to dispense medical care in other wartorn areas. Eight years later, Yewll still serves as the town doctor.

She knew, and worked with, Nicolette Riordon, but grew to distrust her. After Riordion murdered Jared, she murdered Nicolette and made it look like a suicide."The Bride Wore Black"


As an Indogene – a technologically advanced Votan species – she often finds her natural pragmatism perceived as a lack of bedside manner by most humans. However, Yewll’s unflappable brilliance is indisputably one of Defiance’s greatest assets. Unlike most members of her species, Yewll is not arrogant, rather she is modest and level headed. Her extremely dry humor and aforementioned pragmatism, however, do make her somewhat frustrating to deal with. Beneath it all however, she cares deeply for the people of Defiance and will do anything to protect them.

Key Events[]


Yewll treated Nolan and Irisa after they were brought into Defiance by Garret Clancy. She later reprogrammed a terrasphere so that it would explode and destroy the invading Volge force.

"Down...Dead Men Go"[]

Yewll treated the deputy assaulted by Mr. Birch and said that he would recover. She also said that the drug used to awaken Ben was a type used in military field medication.


  • Trenna Keating appeared in 34 out of 39 episodes as a guest star. Given only 3 characters have appeared in all 39 episodes, this is hardly fewer episodes than most stars on the show