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  • I love it when someone fixes typos, because every little bit counts, but it appears that you've made certain mistakes which I am left to clean up after you, and I just thought I'd point them out to you first.

    1) On a few pages, you seemed to of misinterpreted a few words in the sentence. For example, when the word was "foreward," you replaced it with "foreword," but it should've been replaced with "forward." So, yeah...

    2) When something is in past-tense, it needs to have the following of that past-tense to also indicate a past-tense event. Such as, "...aired on July 3rd, 2013," not "...aired on July 3, 2013."

    So, again, I appreciate your help, but you probably should cross-check using Google for your own accuracy, or just ask me, the local Admin / Caretaker of this wiki.

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