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The New Freedom was a stratocarrier operated by the Earth Republic, and presumably earlier by the Earth Military Coaltion (EMC).

Pale Wars[]

There is no known source that tells if the New Freedom served under the EMC during the Pale Wars, however given that the Carrier later serves under the banner of the Earth Republic it is clear that the possibility exists.


After the ratification of the Pale Wars Armistice, the EMC transformed into the Earth Republic and the assets once under the control of the EMC, fell into the possesion of the E-Rep. It is possible that the New Freedom was one of the assets transferred. However it is also possible that the New Freedom was a purpose made warship commisioned by the Earth Republic.


After the establishment of the Earth Republic, and ratification of the Pale Wars Armistice, the fighting still continued between insurgent Votanis Collective and E-Rep forces. During a deployment to San Fransisco, California the New Freedom was carrying supplies and troops for the fight, along with possible air support. However the it was also carrying a contingent of Arc hunters, and one of the biggest financial players in the new world, Von Bach.

During the dissent the New Freedom was attacked and destroyed, resulting in the permanent destruction of the ship.