Nicolette Riordon
Nicolette Riordon.jpg
Species Indogene
Gender Female
Relationships Amanda Rosewater, successor
Mr. Birch, co-conspirator
Doc Yewll, keeper of Nikki's secret (of her being an Indogene).
Health Deceased: killed by Doc Yewll.
Seen "Pilot"
"Down...Dead Men Go"
"Brothers in Arms"
Actor Fionnula Flanagan

Nicolette Riordon was formerly the mayor of Defiance. She remarked that it had taken her eight years to quit the lousy job, so that was likely the length of her time in office. She appointed her assistant Amanda Rosewater as her successor as acting mayor, until elections can be held. She uses a portable oxygen canister that suggests that she suffers from a respiratory condition; however, she occasionally puts it aside to smoke. Known as Mayor "Nicky" she was well loved, and Amanda doubts that she can do the job as well. She has a niece who lives not far from Defiance in the town of Cedars. She likely resigned from the job citing health problems.

"Pilot"[edit | edit source]

Nicolette is on the podium when Amanda gives her speech dedicating the statue to the Defiant Few, on the anniversary of the armistice that ended the Pale Wars. Amanda thanks Nicolette as she was the one who first commissioned the statue. Amanda doubts her own abilities, but Nicolette insists that she has an eye for talent and that Amanda is a natural leader. She informs Amanda that she doesn't like Cedars, as it is regimented since Earth Republic took over. Nicolette consistently advises Amanda to enter into no financial or trade agreements with the Earth Republic.

Ben Daris informs Amanda that Nicolette left Defiance for Cedars on the ground coach as scheduled.

When news of the coming Volge attack frightens the townspeople, Amanda goes to talk to them. Many in the crowd at first ask "where is Mayor Nicky?' and "where is the real mayor?", but Amanda is able to win them over.

After the Volge are defeated, there is a meeting at the table in the back of the "Cafe Renaldo". Mr. Birch is telling someone that their plan has failed. The Volge were defeated, the acting mayor is more capable than anyone gave her credit for being, and their co-conspirator, Ben Daris, is in a coma and could betray them if he wakes up. When the other party at the table puts down her oxygen canister and begins to speak, she is revealed to be Nicolette Riordon who is involved in this conspiracy to force all the residents of Defiance from the city one way or another. She reminds Mr. Birch that they do have a plan B. Birch says that it will be brutal, but Nicolette says that it must be done and that the "survivors will thank us."

She is murdered in 2046 by Meh Yewll.

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