Niles Pottinger
Niles pottinger-0.jpg
Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Viceroy Mercado, Boss (deceased)
Health Deceased, Shot multiple times in the body by Amanda Rosewater
Seen Season 2
Actor Jim Murray
Job Title Earth Republic
Personality Shrewd, Calculating, and Charming.

Niles Pottinger plays as the new mayor of Defiance, due to being appointed by the Earth Republic. He has a key agenda focused towards Amanda Rosewater, but what he intends to do with Defiance or its council is unknown.

In his obsession with the previous mayor he allows her to become a confident of sorts. In one session over drinks he reveals how, when he was at boarding school aged 15, the Votan attacked and locked him, with his fellow class mates, in a chapel. As the chapel filled with excrement and broken glass the mayor was held down and violated in an unspecified manner, leading to his support for the EREP.

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