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After Nolan is unexpectedly freed from Votanis Collective custody, Amanda, Irisa, and Berlin hurry to free him from Kindzi's clutches. Datak regrets seeking Doc Yewll's help against the Omec. Nolan witnesses something startling in the mines.

Syfy's Fun Facts[]

  • The sign behind Berlin shows that the VC convoy was traveling along Route 64 toward Oklahoma City, suggesting they may have been retracing the route taken by Rahm Tak and his army when they marched on Defiance. Route 64 is not the most direct route from St. Louis to Oklahoma City, which could mean some obstacle forced them to take a detour. Travel across the Badlands is incredibly difficult. In addition to threats such as Raiders, hellbugs and sabre wolves, the landscape itself can prove difficult to navigate.
  • This convoy was heading to the VC's forward base in Amarillo, where they would transfer Nolan and Irisa to a Votan harrier jet. The Kaziri's attack on Earth at the end of Season Two had an unexpected benefit: it cleared the skies of radiation and debris, making air travel once again possible. The VC prefer air travel to driving due to the large numbers of terraformed obstacles that now dot the landscape
  • Datak and Stahma are playing a variation of Ivali, a Castithan card game brought over from the old world. Ivali is similar to poker in many respects, apart from the fact that instead of two variables (numbers and suits) there are three (numbers, planets, and elements). One has to wonder who has the upper hand in this particular game. When Datak first came to Defiance, he worked as a card hustler, fleecing hapless miners out of their scrip; Stahma, however, has always been able to read Datak like a book ... and no one can bluff like she can!
  • "Kindzi’s subway terminal wasn’t originally specified as such. On a scout with Mark Winemaker (our Line Producer), I suggested that we could turn the old Season Two carpentry shop into an underground subway terminal, complete with rail car. And as there wasn’t a better solution for Kindzi’s Clubhouse (as it was scripted at the time), we ran with it." - Steve Geaghan, Production Designer.
  • "The Omec word for 'power,' suriik, derives ultimately from a word meaning 'meat.'" - David Peterson, Language Creator.
  • Kindzi learned to make pancakes to appease her father, T'evgin. From the moment he arrived in town, T'evgin became fascinated with human culture, particularly their breakfast foods. Kindzi, however, never really developed a taste for human food ... her tastes run a little more on the carnivorous side!
  • In ancient times, the Omec would treat their favorite slaves as pets -- anyone they found particularly amusing or sexually satisfying. A favored slave might live out their entire life in luxury, pampered and adored. However, like all things, there was a catch. The Omec believed death by natural causes to be "dishonorable." Rather than allow their favorite slaves to slip away due to old age or illness, they would eat them alive in order to give them a "respectable" death.
  • Stahma is using finger apsayo to knit part of an indolano, a Castithan afghan composed of several different hexagonal panels (called egwo). These patterns date back hundreds of years to when the Indogenes first arrived on planet Casti after fleeing their Omec overlords. For a brief period, hexagonal art became fashionable in Casti culture, taking a cue from the hexagon patterns visible on Indogene skin.
  • Andina is a member of the Yuke liro. The Yukifyo are the laborers of the Castithans. They serve in a wide range of professions, from hard laborers (such as farmers and construction workers) to service workers (such as merchants and handmaidens). The Yuke is the largest liro, but their power and influence is limited. Datak himself began life as a member of the Yukifyo, though he managed to raise his status by marrying Stahma. It's clear Andina would like to follow in her master's footsteps.
  • The Omec evolved from four-legged predatory creatures. The zekbatsin, or "second skin," is a vestige from their past. It allows them to take on certain characteristics of their ancient quadruped form to allow them to feed. Once the Omec evolved into a bipedal form, they banned the use of zekbatsin in ritual Omec-versus-Omec combat, believing it to be uncivilized.
  • The translation of Kindzi's ritual prayer: Great alpha, defender of the pack, Drop your blade, lie yourself upon the warm earth. The Great Family needs you, hark! The new alpha will escort you to the boundary (of the afterlife).
  • "My all-time favorite scene from Season Three would have to be the heart-eating ritual after I murdered my sweet Bem (that’s 'father' in Kinuk’aaz [the Omec language]), played by the brilliant Conrad Coates. When I read the episode, I wrote to [language creator] David J. Peterson and asked him to write a chant for me -- a ritual I could perform while tearing into T’evgin’s chest and gorging on his heart. You know ... a family-friendly poem. To my surprise, that chant was set to music and the rest was magic. It was a moving day. I still can’t hear that song without crying, so the material contained all the tricks I needed to reach the required emotion. And trust me, it's hard to cry behind those super-thick, super-large prosthetic lenses that I wear!" - Nichole Galicia, "Kindzi"
  • Omec sleeper pods can be programmed to do many things, including the transmission of information to their occupants during the course of their hibernation. This explains how these Omec can understand English despite having been in stasis for over five thousand years.

Votan Translations[]

David J. Peterson, the creator of the Votan languages, has made translations available on his Archive of Our Own page.

Translations for the Votan spoken in this episode can be found at Conlang Dialogue: Defiance, Episode 311.

Highlighted Quote[]

Our new home.
Vaas kilain.


  • Because the first two episodes aired together as two hour premiere, they are sometimes referred to as a single episode (despite having separate episode titles), making this the tenth episode to air, but the eleventh named, individual episode of the season.
  • Season 3 regular, Jesse Rath, does not appear in this episode
  • Season 3 regular, Anna Hopkins, returns in this episode after missing three episodes