Pilar McCawley
Pilar McCawley.jpg
Species Human
Gender Female
Relationships Rafe McCawley Ex-husband, deceased
Luke McCawley Son, deceased
Quentin McCawley Son, deceased
Christie Tarr Daughter, deceased
Alak Tarr Son-in-law
Luke Tarr Grandson
Health Deceased, Shot in the throat by Joshua Nolan
Seen Season 2

Season 3

Actor Linda Hamilton

Pilar McCawley (Linda Hamilton), the long missing wife of Rafeand mother to Christie (and thus an in-law to the Tarrs), Luke and Quentin. Regular viewers will remember that Pilar (only spoken about before, never seen) had suffered from a mental illness. In the aftermath of the aliens' arrival on Earth, her medication stopped being produced, leading to some dangerous and violent behavior (as in, she tried to kill her kids). Rafe banished her. Pilar returned for Season 2.[1]

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