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     Pursuits, they are little achievements that you must achieve to get your level or EGO Rating. Pursuits usually can range from either gathering recorders or get gold on a time trial. Pursuits in the game will also have rewards occasionally, like Living To Kill V pursuit will give you +40 EGO Rating, Title, and the Collective Infiltrator Outfit. Pursuits are ranged usually from Easy to Hard (or Time-Consuming) and sometimes go in an order I.E. Living to kill I, II, III, IV, & V.

Season One[]

Season One Pursuits are pursuits that never change, they are the pursuits that were In-Game the first day it came out in April. They include many different pursuits like the Living To Kill group of pursuits and the Social group of pursuits. there are a total of 104 single pursuits that range from giving your character +5 EGO Rating to +40 EGO Rating.