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Quentin McCawley is the younger son of miner Rafe McCawley, brother of Luke and Christie and uncle of Christie's son Luke


Born at the beginning of the Pale Wars, Quentin was a scrawny young child who didn’t meet his father, Rafe, until he returned home from the war. While enjoying the carefree existence of being one of the prominent McCawleys, Quentin still had to endure Rafe’s preferential treatment of his older brother Luke.

Season 1[]

After his brother Luke's death, Quentin finds one of the two kolovan, or keys to controlling the Kaziri. As he attempts to find more information about this artifact, he begins to see visions of his dead brother, Luke, caused by the Kaziri. He kills Mr. Birch to protect the artifact, but ultimately trades it to Nicolette Riordon in exchange for information about his mother's whereabouts. Nicky tells him that his mother is in Mendocino, so Quintin leaves to go find her.