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This a portal page for the missions within the game, you will find a brief description of each and a link to the walkthrough.


After character creation you have a cutscene that shows you falling to earth in a drop-pod. Upon regaining control of your character the Ark Hunter is introduced to EGO, an AI that lives in your head - in a sense.

Chaos Reigns[]

Navigate through the disarray of the New Freedom crash and locate Karl von Bach.

Sniper's Ridge[]

The Earth Republic rescue team is being picked off by mutant snipers. Get to the ridge and take them out so the rescue team can access the New Freedom wreckage and evacuate those still trapped inside.

Raid the Medicine Cabinet[]

Captain Grant's recon uncovered supplies at the mutant infested Accord Medical Clinic.  He sent medic ahead to find a truck and collect the gear.  They'll need assistance.