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General Rahm Tak is a ruthless and arrogant leader in the Votanis Collective. He is a Castithan, well-read, brilliant and a pure strategist who sets his very aggressive sights on the little town of Defiance.


In 2029, Rahm Tak fought for the Votanis Collective in the Battle of Yosemite. In the battle, a mixed commune of pacifist humans and Votans were caught in the crossfire of EMC and VC forces. Both sides assumed the town was giving aid to the enemy, and over 98 humans and 112 Votan civilians were killed. Like Joshua Nolan who became known as the Butcher of Yosemite, Rahm also earned himself a brutal reputation for his actions. He came to be known as the Beast and one day hoped to fight the Butcher again.

Like many of his fellow Votans, Rahm came to believe that it was his "manifest destiny" to take control of planet Earth. This attitude was encouraged by several high-ranking leaders of the Votanis Collective, who realized Earth was the only habitable planet within their reach. One popular conspiracy theory regarding Arkfall was that the Votans destroyed their own ships to force their people to fight, not unlike the way the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés scuttled his own ships in order to motivate his men to go forward. [1]

Season 3[]

After forming a camp outside Defiance, Rahm Tak recruits Datak and Stahma Tarr to work as spies for his rogue faction of the Votanis Collective. He plans to conquer Defiance and use it as a home base to set up a training camp where no one will dare oppose him.


  • You may recognize Lee from his role as Tobias Beecher on HBO's Oz, or his recurring roles on American Horror Story: Freak Show, Desperate Housewives, The Americans, Longmire, The Big C and more.[2]
  • When Rahm Tak says, "I'm going to find out if the carnivorous plant eats Audrey" it is a reference to the 1982 stage musical Little Shop of Horrors.