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Ranikar is the son of Indur who displays incredible shooting skills at a young age. He goes by the Nickname "Zero."


Zero's father built him a gun which he named Lucy after a human girl he had a crush on. The gun was the second most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, so he named it after the first. They were both young and the crush was unrequited.

Season 3[]

When Joshua Nolan and Jessica "Berlin" Rainer begin setting up an army with modern, high-tech weapons from Von Bach Industries, Zero shows up with the gun his father built. Berlin dismisses it as an antique, but Zero proves his skill by perfectly shooting each blade on a weather vane from a great distance. This impresses Nolan and Berlin and earns him a spot on the militia.

Zero's father, Indur, is hesitant about allowing Zero to join the militia. Nolan's own daughter, Irisa, is not fighting in the militia. Although she is suffering from PTSD and is mentally incapable of shooting a gun, Indur doesn't feel he should allow his child to be in such a dangerous position if Nolan's not putting his child in the same situation. Irisa is known as "The Amazing Goddess of the Badlands," a great Irathient fighter and ark hunter. If she doesn't fight, Indur won't let his son fight.

Once Irisa joins the militia, Zero returns and joins Nolan and the rest of the militia on a mission to destroy a tunnel that General Rahm Tak is using to gain access to Defiance. Unfortunately, a spy infiltrated the militia and framed them, causing Zero and many other members of the militia to be killed.

After his death, both Indur and Nolan grieve him heavily. Nolan begins to spin out of control with guilt, and Indur kills himself out of grief.


  • Zero's rifle was built from a 1950s Soviet-era PPSh-41 'burp gun.'