Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Has a wife and two kids.
Health Deceased; mining accident.
Seen "Pilot"
"A Well Respected Man"
"The Opposite of Hallelujah"
Actor Carl Bauer

Rupert Mirch is a resident of Defiance. He is a gulanite miner working in the McCawley mines. He is married, but spends a good deal of time in the NeedWant bar consorting with prostitutes.



The first time Nolan goes to the NeedWant and sees Kenya, she is talking to Rupert. She tells Rupert to take a bath and put on clean clothes if he wants to buy her sexual services, which is what Nolan later does himself. Rupert is also in the crowd of townspeople addressed by Amanda Rosewater, while the attack by the Volge was looming. Amanda pointed out to Rupert that he had not quit before when things were hard. Rupert confirms that he lost six men in the mines when the 99ers collapsed the south tunnel, but he had never thought of leaving.

"A Well Respected Man"Edit

In the beginning of the episode, Rupert's wife confronted the mayor about his activities at the NeedWant bar, as she wanted Amanda to do something about it. When she called Kenya a pig and a disgusting slut, Amanda slaps her and informs her that the NeedWant is a legitimate business and there is nothing that she can do. Later in the day, Rupert was seen mingling with Tirra, a prostitute at the NeedWant bar.

"The Opposite of Hallelujah"Edit

While mining, a drill accidentally falls on Rupert, slicing his arm clean off. He was unable to be saved.

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