Saberwolves are a vicious and cunning species of maneater (and Votan eater), they are the perfect example of the many news species created by the terraformation malfunction. In appearance, they resemble a cross between a large wolf and a spider, they hunt with a wolf-like pack behavior. On finding prey, one looked to be calling out to attract the others. They don't appear to be too intelligent, as when they attempted to "attack" Nolan and a wounded Irisa in the first 14 minutes of the premiere, they simply stood there and watched as they got shot by Nolan. Then, they ran off as the Lawkeepers showed up shooting them, "Pilot" .Perhaps they preferred fleeing prey, and retreat when they no longer have numeric superiority.

In the episode "The Serpent's Egg", the Land Coach travelling on an established road passes a young saberwolf and one of the bat-like creatures sharing a road kill carcass. The saberwolf does not exhibit fear, it just lifts it's head and growls at the Land Coach as it passes.

In the episode "for a good cause" 4 of them where atracted by the little ark crash, they come to the wrek of the ship in search off food but where killed by a gulanee.

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