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Samir Pandey is a survivor of the Great Terraforming Disaster of 2047 who comes to Defiance after being rescued from Niles Pottinger by Joshua Nolan.


Samir lived in New York where he worked as a veterinarian. He once performed brain surgery on a cat.

After New York was destroyed at the end of season 2, Samir and a group of refugees fled the city where they encountered a group of people from the Earth Republic, including Niles Pottinger and Viceroy Mercado. They thought they would be safe with the Earth Republic, but they had not accounted for what Pottinger would do.

Season 3[]

Samir is first seen being held in a cage in Station Arrowhead by Niles Pottinger. He is the last survivor of his group of refugees. When Joshua Nolan arrives at Station Arrowhead, Pottinger has Nolan locked up with him. Nolan helps Samir escape, and brings him back to Defiance where he begins to work as an apprentice doctor to Meh Yewll.

While working with Yewll, he doesn't back down to her extremely sarcastic way of speaking, and is even fairy intuitive towards her emotions. She sarcastically asks him if he used to be a pet psychiatrist too.

After Yewll is put under Kindzi's control, she locks Samir in a cage where he waits to be fed to the Omec. Nonetheless, Samir is an optimist. Nolan saved him once, and Samir believes Nolan will save him again. And he's correct. Just as Samir is about to be killed, Nolan (and Amanda, Irisa, Berlin and Yewll) show up to rescue him. He looks up at his hero, Joshua Nolan, before falling to the ground laughing, leaving his rescuers confused.