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Silora Voske is the Vice Chancellor of the Votanis Collective who travels to Defiance after learning of both the Omec and Rahm Tak's involvement in the town.


When Silora was younger, her father, Onulu Toraku, would take her camping in a small area in Peru that was untouched by Arkfall. He wanted to make sure she appreciated what Earth once was. Today, that land produces coffee, a scarce commodity in North America.

Silora's father was ambassador to the U.N, and his murder incited the Pale Wars, After this event, Silora changed her name and went into hiding. Over the years, there have been persistent rumors that he was assassinated by a Votan to incite war. The nature of his death remains a mystery, but Silora believes that "both sides wanted war, both sides fanned the flames of bigotry to get it, and in the end, we almost destroyed the only habitable planet that we've got."

Silora eventually rose to power in the Votanis Collective, trying to get the world back on track after the long, brutal war. She took the position of Vice Chancellor where she serves under Vizier Quando, the head of the Votanis Collective.

She is considered to be a fairy moderate politician, particularly in comparison to Rahm Tak who left the larger Votanis Collective to create a more extreme, radicalized faction. While Rahm Tak wants to commit genocide of the human race, Silora wants to bring people together. This is difficult as Rahm Tak became a bit of a folk hero among Votans. Many people had begun celebrating his actions, and Silora needed to find a way to fight against his rising popularity.

Despite her moderate reputation, she is still a high ranking official in the Votanis Collective, and therefore, extremely strong willed and forceful about her demands and expectations. The Votanis Collective doesn’t take lightly to those who step out of line.

Silora is a member of the valáne liro, composed of people who serve in the government, the military, and the church. Most people in the valáne liro are former members of the shanje liro who married into a lower liro, which may be true of Silora.

Season 3[]

After Belize and New York fell at the end of season 2 (as mentioned in I Almost Prayed), the Votanis Collective sent 13 divisions on scouting missions to collect data and provide aid to survivors. Rahm Tak was head of one of these divisions. Although Silora knew of Rahm Tak's brutal nature, he was above reproach because he was married to the niece of the leader of the Votanis Collective. Silora and the Votanis Collective sent Rahm's wife to North America to talk Rahm out of genocide, but he sent them back her head mounted on the front of her motorcycle. Silora and the Votanis collective planned to take Rahm out, but the town of Defiance beat them to it.

Upon arrival in Defiance, Silora (on behalf of Vizier Quando) offers Mayor Amanda Rosewater three things: a gulanite trade agreement, a mutual defense pact, and an ambassador exchange. In return, Amanda will be expected to broker a sit down meeting between Silora and T'evgin, the leader of the Omec. She wants to make peace with T'evgin before either the Omec or the Votanis Collective commit acts of violence against each other. The two groups have a long, bloody history.

Amanda knows that T'evgin is unlikely to cooperate with the Votanis Collective, but Silora makes it clear that if Defiance wants peace with the Votanis Collective, Amanda needs to find a way to make the Omec cooperate.

Amanda hosts a party in the Darby Building, which T'evgin and Silora attend. They are one step closer to peace between Votans, humans, and Omec, but Kindzi crashes the party. Then, Joshua Nolan, arrives suffering from paranoia and hallucinations brought on by PTSD and malfunctioning ark tech in his brain. He believes that there is a bomb in the building and mistakenly kills Silora.


  • Silora is the first member of the valáne liro the audience has gotten to know
  • Whenever she travels north, she brings coffee to share because it is extremely rare in North America
  • T'evgin and Silora greet each other in the other person's native language as a sign of respect.


Silora: That conniving little haint.
Amanda: Silora.
Silora: It's okay when I say it. -When Twilight Dims the Sky Above

Both sides wanted war, both sides fanned the flames of bigotry to get it, and in the end, we almost destroyed the only habitable planet that we've got. -When Twilight Dims the Sky Above