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The Sky Regent was a stratocarrier operated by the Earth Republic, and presumably earlier by the Earth Military Coaltion (EMC).

Pale Wars[]

During the Pale Wars the stratocarrier served with the EMC. The stratocarrier was most likely destroyed during a skirmish with the Votanis Collective.

It is not known how many survived, nor what happened with them.

Due to the close proximity to the former city of Saint Louis, now Defiance, it is possible the Sky Regent was destroyed during the Battle of Defiance, something that would eventually lead to the end of the Pale Wars.

Post War[]

After the signing and ratification of the Pale Wars Armistice by both the now reformed Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective, the remains of the Sky Regent was never recovered by the E-Rep.

Sky Regent 4

Meekos lab in the hangar bay of the Sky Regent

It eventually became the lair of a Adreno dealer named Meeko, abducting several people from Defiance. He was eventually killed, and his operation destroyed. What happened to the Sky Regent afterwards is unknown.

Sky Regent 1

The name of the Sky Regent