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"Slouching Towards Bethlehem" is the 8th episode of Season Two of Defiance and the 20th episode overall. It aired on August 7th, 2014 on Syfy.


Overview (No Spoilers)[]

Nolan interrogates a suspected Votanis Collective spy in order to prevent a catastrophic terrorist attack on New York. The only thing stopping Nolan from taking down this threat may be... Amanda? And wait until you see the reason why![2]

Syfy's Fun Facts[3][]

  • For most people in 2047, the phrase "when the Arks rise again" is like saying "when hell freezes over." Several Votan religious cults, however, actually believe the Arks will rise again. This includes the snake cult who tortured Irisa as a child. Thesho's people killed countless Irathient children in search of the Alakta, or "Devouring Mother" -- a savior who they believed would bring about a Votan rapture.
  • The last time we saw Kenya was when she collapsed into the arms of her lover, Stahma, after being poisoned. Kenya helped teach Stahma how to become her own woman, but it was never clear whether or not Stahma's feelings for Kenya were real. What happened in that forest? Did Stahma simply render Kenya unconscious so she could spirit her away to safety, or did she really kill her?
  • The wanted poster on the wall is an image of Greg Carson, a member of the Defiance set decorating department.
  • You heard that right -- the population of Manhattan Valley is only 49,000 souls. That makes it one of the larger cities in North America. Hundreds of millions of people died in the Pale Wars, and billions more died in Arkfall, when the alien ships crashed to Earth, unleashing terraformers which reshaped the planet. You'd think that after all this death and destruction, the survivors would finally learn to set aside their differences!
  • The Armistice Line was established in 2031 as a condition of the cease fire that ended the Pale Wars. It includes a demilitarized zone across most of northern Mexico. In recent years, the Earth Republic and Votanis Collective have ignored this treaty, moving large numbers of troops and equipment along the border. Nolan lost his entire family in the Pale Wars. He'll do just about anything to prevent another war from breaking out.
  • The United Nations granted the Votans a small patch of land in Brazil shortly after their arrival on Earth. To this day, the Sulos colony remains the capital of the Votanis Collective. The VC expanded across South America over the course of the Pale Wars. As their population grows, they expand northward, encroaching into Earth Republic territory.
  • Fionu (played by Lizz Alexander) was the Castithan fishmonger Irisa attacked back in Angel Arc in episode #13. Irisa infected with Fionu with her silver and gold tendrils. Fionu, in turn, attacked a homeless boy in Los Angeles, spreading the tendril-virus further. Who knows how many people have been infected at this point
  • Fionu has been seeing visions of little girl who claims to be Rayetso, god of the Castithan people. Irisa's spiritual guide calls herself Irzu, god of the Irathients. What's the meaning behind these visions, and why are they taking the form of Votan deities?
  • Shrill are the same deadly spores that Mr. Skevur packed into his bombs back in episode #13. Shrill are a form of plant life that latched onto the Arks in space on their journey to Earth. Shill are incredibly resilient, and procreate by burrowing themselves into a live host. Players of the Defiance video game can employ Shrill bombs to cause massive damage to their enemies.
  • "Because prosthetics are not uncomfortable enough to begin with, contact lenses and prosthetic teeth (upper and lower) were added as well. I adore the contacts. I love the color... very Liz Taylor if Liz Taylor were a Liberata." -- Jessica Nichols (Bertie)
  • EGO devices were created as a tactical heads-up for soldiers in the battlefield. Since their inception, a variety of models have made it to market. The latest EGOs were designed by Von Bach Industries, a company in the Bay Area. The company's CEO, Karl Von Bach, recently returned after a mysterious absence. He's just introduced a new line of EGO devices, which is the subject of a parallel story currently running in the Defiance Video Game.
  • There's no better way to traverse the Badlands than the Dodge Durango. This particular vehicle belonged to Varus Soleptor, a powerful businessman with a vendetta against Nolan and Irisa.
  • It's impossible to say just how many people Irisa infected with her tendrils before Nolan found her in AngelArc. This strange phenomenon seems to be spreading, with each of Irisa's acolytes attacking others. A similar virus is spreading through the video game, where a group of pilgrims have become infected with something known as "The Grid." Could Irisa have started this?
  • Castithans have evolved an incredibly powerful sense of smell. Stahma can detect Nolan's musk on Berlin, even hours or days after their last encounter. Stahma was also able to detect that Christie was pregnant back in episode #15 before Christie had a chance to announce it herself.
  • [When asked if a last minute addition or improv affected a scene] "HAHAHA... how about when Michael Nankin had me pull off the E-Rep soldier's underwear at the end of the scene when we discover his uniform stolen. He threw that at me last minute…. Being almost completely naked usually shifts the mood on set!" - Kristina Pesic (Deirdre a.k.a. Treasure Doll).
  • "I love Amanda's evolution! I like to say that in season one Amanda is Snow White. In season two she's Sucker Punch! She's a damaged, hurting, abusive drug addict struggling to redefine herself and yet she's still the hero. You want her to survive, to come out on top." - Julie Benz (Amanda)



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