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Based out of the Bay Area, Soleptor Enterprises is owned by Liberata mining magnate Varus Soleptor. As of 2045, SE expanded its services to include arms dealing, but with the local machinist and inventor Rosa Rodriguez refusing to work for Soleptor. Working with an Indogene machinist named Ghar Yewkhaji, SE has made a business out of salvaging weapons, refurbishing them, and rebranding them as tech affordable arms.


The faction contracts generally involve completing various conflict sites around the map.


The Soleptor Enterprises Vendor is located at The Crater in Paradise Territory.


The vendor sells various weapons that seem to have a bias towards the electrical nano effect. The epic weapons have the "Scavenger" synergy, which increases drop rate at low levels, and grants additional nano effect chance on out of combat enemies at higher levels. The vendor also has the unique "Enforcer" title.