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A Stratocarrier is a airborn vessel used primarily by the Earth Military Coaltion and Earth Republic.

Stratocarrier New Freedom

Stratocarrier New Freedom

Pale Wars[]

During the Pale Wars it is known that the EMC (Earth Military Coaltion) operated several stratocarriers in their fight against the Votanis Collective, it is possible the Stratocarriers were key components for the EMC war efforts.

Post War Era[]

In the Postwar Era the Earth Republic operated a minimum of one Stratocarrier in North America: The New Freedom, however after its destruction it is unknown how many remain in active service.

Known Stratocarriers[]

Canon inconsistency[]

In the episode "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" it is revealed that people on Earth no longer have a interest in airtravel. This is due to debris found in the atmosphere caused by the Arcfall.

This is contradicted by the videogame "Defiance 2050", where the game starts of with the main cast, and player character on board a Stratocarrier well after the Arcfalls.