Species Irathient
Gender Male
Relationships Rynn, foster daughter
Irisa, protégé
Health Deceased
Seen "Pilot"
"The Devil in the Dark"
"The Serpent's Egg"
"Goodbye Blue Sky"
"Everything Is Broken"
Mentioned "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times"
"If I Ever Leave This World Alive"
"Past Is Prologue"
Actor Noah Danby

Sukar is a male Irathient, and leader, alongside his foster daughter Rynn, of the Spirit Riders in the Defiance television series.[1] He has been shown to be a devout follower of Irathient beliefs and the "path of Irzu," as well as a largely positive spiritual force in the life of Irisa and the Irathient community.

Key Events[edit | edit source]

"Pilot"[edit | edit source]

Sukar, Rynn and his Spirit Riders accost Nolan and Irisa at an arkfall they are harvesting.  Sukar takes Irisa captive and the Spirit Riders rob them of their gear and roller.  The pair escapes, however, Irisa stabbing Sukar with her knife and in turn being shot by the outlaws. Later, Sukar and Rynn, driving the stolen roller, discover the Volge advancing on Defiance.  Sukar and the Spirit Riders later join Irisa in flanking and helping to defeat the Volge.  At the end of the episode, Sukar is shown celebrating in the NeedWant.

"The Devil in the Dark"[edit | edit source]

Sukar, Rynn and the Spirit Riders return to Defiance. After bitterly agreeing to "assimilate" with the Defiance community, Sukar becomes involved in aiding Irisa and Nolan in stopping a Hellbug attack on the town. After seeing Irisa, touched by the Irathient gods, through a ritual to determine her location, Sukar travels with the Lawkeepers to apprehend and arrest Rynn.

"The Serpent's Egg"[edit | edit source]

Sukar bids Rynn farewell for now, as she goes to what he assumes is her jail time for events in the previous episode.

"Goodbye Blue Sky"[edit | edit source]

Sukar is injured in a "razor rain" storm and presumed dead. He proceeds with Irisa on a dangerous, holy mission through Defiance according to the path of Irzu.

"I Just Wasn't Made for These Times"[edit | edit source]

Irisa mentions Sukar, bitterly stating that he made her feel she had a home, something she feels little of in Defiance.

"If I Ever Leave This World Alive"[edit | edit source]

Sukar is mentioned. The Spirit Riders seek medicine for him in Defiance as he still "sleeps the deep sleep."

"Everything Is Broken"[edit | edit source]

Sukar stirs from his coma when shots are fired at the Irathient settlement. Later on, Irisa sees Sukar at the entrance to the L-7 mine, but it is not clear if this is really a recovered Sukar or some sort of vision.

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