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Sulos is located on the north eastern part of South America, covering a vast territory in part of what was once the Amazonia forest. It is host to at least 10 majors cities.


Sulos was the first land the United Nations granted to Votan immigrants in 2015 as an olive branch when virtually every other country on the planet refused to allow aliens to settle within their borders. The United Nations vote was 128 to 55 (with 11 abstentions), barely satisfying the two-thirds majority required for the measure to pass. Several countries, such as France, Australia, and India, abstained for fear that a ‘yes’ vote could incite further riots following outbreaks of violence in those countries earlier that month.[1]

It was named after one of the twin stars of their solar system, Sulos.

Integrating into life on Earth was difficult at first because the Votan immigrants frequently clashed with the indigenous people who had been forced to leave their lands upon Votan arrival. In addition to the displacement, conflicts caused by cultural misunderstandings made peaceful assimilation difficult. One person who protested against Sulos' creation said, "I can’t believe we just rolled over like that. You know they’re already eyeing land in Mexico and Peru. When’s it gonna stop? If we keep giving them everything they ask for, it’s only a matter of time until we’re requesting land from them.”[2]

Once Sulos was established, a debate soon began around the question, "Can we let the Votans use their terraforming technology on the Sulos colony?" In the end, the Votans won the debate and were given permission to transform the Sulos territory to include perfect recreations of different environments from different Votan planets. The humans who saw the results of the terraforming came away with a better understanding of their new neighbors, but in 2023, shortly after the Pale Wars broke out, the VC closed their borders in fear that humans would destroy everything they built. Only their most trusted human allies were allowed access.

After the Pale Wars, Sulos became the capital of the Votanis Collective. It is still considered a Votan paradise and the center of Votan culture on Earth, but the current state of the colony is unclear as the borders remain closed.

Until 2047, air travel between the Sulos Colony and the VC's northern bases was impossible due to atmospheric radiation and the unpredictable debris that constantly fell from the ark belt. That all changed when the Kaziri blasted the skies clear at the end of season two.



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Sulos territory (at the right)