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Eksu Tsuroz T'evgin. Eksu is his family, Tsuroz is his ship, and he goes by T'evgin. A male Omec, (the eight alien race from the votanis star system) he is a multi-century leader of the omec race.


For a very long time he led a deadly harvest of millions of votans. He has loved, killed, and eaten many Castithans (Kindzi told Stahma that once he got bored with his concubines, they were force fed until they were fat enough to be eaten).

As a very old omec warrior, T'evgin was both physically and mentally strong . He survived many battles, wars, and assassinations attempts by castithans slave woman (mainly by poisoning, attempts that were finally unsuccessful due to the lack of knowledge of the omec's physiology). T'evgin was aboard the fleet of omec arks when they were victims of indogenes sabotage, at that moment he and his daughter were outside the ships and were able to repairs the damages caused by the explosion. They successfully saved the vessel and its passengers and started their journey to escape the destruction of their world.

They left their dying system for Earth, however, they didn't know its precise location so they needed to follow the votan fleet (but at one time they lost their trace), T'evgin and Kindzi spent many years trying to find the votan's location (Probably waking up at some intervals) they finally located Earth in 1970 intercepting televisions broadcasts as they were in the Gliese star system.

Approximately 76 years later, the Omec reaper reached the orbit of the planet.

Unaware of the events that led to the situation on the planet, T'evgin and his daughter choose to land near the city of Defiance with the purpose of fueling their ship with gulanite to finally, after regaining power, conquer this new world and enslave its population, taking final revenge over the votans.