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The Tarr Family is a PVE focused faction that can be accessed through the main game.


The Tarr Family used brute force and wits to establish a powerful criminal business in the town of Defiance. They are undoubtedly one of the key factions there, with some business ties to Varus in Paradise. With the traditional Castithan family structure in flux, it's up to enterprising ark hunters to keep the steady supply of goods flowing from Paradise to Defiance.


Tarr Family contracts most frequently involve recovering the contents of the Tarr Traxx crates hidden in various locations around the map. The crates can usually be found near the major locations that can be fast-travelled to. They are marked on the minimap by a crossed blades symbol when close enough.


The Tarr Family Vendor is located at The Fork in San Francisco.


The Tarr Family Vendor does not have much personal inventory, and instead sells some miscellaneous equipment from other factions. They also sell several unique titles and a few unique car variants.