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"The Bride Wore Black" is the tenth episode of Season One of Defiance and the tenth episode overall. It is scheduled to air on June 24th, 2013 on Syfy.


The body of a prominent businessman, six years cold, is discovered and everyone’s a suspect. It’s Christie and Alak’s wedding – but will the event go off without a hitch?

Syfy's Fun Facts[2]

  • Sample Castithan wedding chant: Kyuro thulya ksa omaspa no shiranje yenjitso oraya me rona (And the bride/from darkness comes/into the light/of her shining groom.
  • Hunter Bell was practically one of the founders of Defiance. He opened the NeedWant to cater to the surge of miners who moved to Missouri after the gulanite rush of 2033. Hunter hired Kenya as a waitress when she arrived in town a few years later.
  • When devising the telo, the writers tried to think of the worst thing you could possibly do to a bride. Being the day that most young girls dream of, not being able to see it unfold seemed both alien and impossibly cruel.
  • Tommy was born in a Votan prisoner-of-war camp in the early days of the Pale Wars. When the camp was liberated by the EMC, Tommy and his mother bounced from one military base to another, never staying for long. His mother contracted an alien disease and died, leaving Tommy an orphan. He was seven years old.
  • In ancient days back on Daribo, a Castithan man would have to abduct his bride from her family in order to marry her. This practice shifted to a kind of pretense, and eventually became a bachelor party-like tradition, where a groom's friends play the bride's brothers, cousins and fathers whom the groom must defeat to capture the bride. The practice of actually sleeping with the pretend bride derives from a different tradition whereby a groom is taught about love making before the nuptials.
  • The ritual of the telo is central to a traditional Castithan marriage. Conceptually, a woman comes into the world blind, until her husband brings light into her life. This is achieved by covering her face with a telo (often given by a mother or mother-in-law), which her husband then removes, so that the first face she sees is her husband's.
  • Alak is in a state of partial undress because he was being attended to by the thasuzwo - alter-maidens of the Castithan religion Sherivano. The thasuzwo perform various functions for the shigustako of a particular temple and during services, but here they also serve the groom prior to a wedding by washing and anointing him with special oils.
  • Despite being a deputy lawkeeper, Irisa's not big on due process. Nolan gives her some leeway as long as she gets the job done. Nolan's buddy Jon Cooper, Lawkeeper in the Bay Area (and the video game), probably wouldn't be happy if he found out just how loose they play with the rules.
  • There's the land coach in the background of the scene where Tommy and Nolan exit the Darby Building. This is the same as featured in Episode 5. Most Land Coaches are run by two companies - Overland Transport (which specializes in passenger transit) and Armored Parcel Services (APS, which specializes in cargo). Players of the game can see a burning Land Coach at the crossroads to the Northeast of Top-Notch Toolworks!
  • Inter-species children are rare, but not entirely unheard of. That said, these pregnancies are incredibly dangerous for both mother and child. The fact that it's possible at all suggests some common ancestor, though no real study exists due to the general lack of medical research in 2046.
  • Back on Daribo, there were many religions, but those that went to Casti (the planet the Castithans eventually settled) were followers of Rayetso. The dictates of Sherivano had been handed down from generation to generation, and when worshippers of Rayetso went to Casti, they took those scrolls with them. With the coming cataclysm, there was a schism on Casti. Many believers felt Casti could not be abandoned, and it was they who retained the scrolls. Datak's father must have been a deeply religious man.
  • Datak has always frowned upon Alak's job at the Arch radio station and his fondness for music. In some circles of Castithan culture, a love of art is perceived as weakness.
  • Due to scheduling issues, this was the LAST episode of the season that was shot (despite there being two episodes left to air).

Production Notes


  • More of Doc Yewll's past is revealed.
  • The concept of Indogenes being altered to appear human was introduced in I Just Wasn't Made for These Times. However, Nicolette appeared to be much more than an assassin, and more importantly, was fully aware of her Indogene nature.
  • Amanda's assistant in this episode is a female human, but for the past several episodes has been a female Castithan. The Castithan may have left the job to support Datak's mayoral run, although it's possible it was just her day off.
  • Despite it being his sister's "big day," Quentin McCawley didn't come back to town to attend her wedding.


  • In spite of the name, the bride didn't actually wear black. The name seems to be taken from the 1968 French film of the same name (Fr:La Mariée était en noir).

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