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"The Last Unicorns" is the 2nd episode of Season Three of Defiance and the 29th episode overall. It aired on June 19th, 2015 on Syfy.


After Rafe, Christie, and Quentin are killed, Alak, Pilar, and Luke escape to a trailer in the wilderness. Pilar finds a Alak awakes to find Pilar has taken the baby. In Defiance, Nolan, Amanda, Irisa, Berlin, and Doc Yewll deal with the arrival of the Omec, Kindzi and T'evgin. Meanwhile, Stahma and Dalak Tarr are brought into the VC as spies for Rahm Tak.

Syfy's Fun Facts [1][]

  • "Kindzi’s first challenge is making it to Defiance. Her second and biggest challenge is learning to play well with others." - Nichole Galicia, "Kindzi"
  • "Kindzi chained and left alone in the lawkeeper's office ... I peed my pants a little when I read it on the page, because it was just me, I didn't even have a bloody Wilson to play off. The brilliant and ever so gentle Michael Nankin directed the episode and right before I went into the room he said, 'This scene is everything. Here we get to see all of Kindzi, her strength, her weakness, her rage, her sadness, her soul.' Being in that quiet room alone with my thoughts was like having free therapy. I solved all my life problems and left them there." - Nichole Galicia, "Kindzi
  • I think my favorite moment this year was the aftermath of Nolan and Amanda skinning Doc. It was a hard scene for me because we have never seen Doc so vulnerable and we have never seen her with her feelings hurt. The betrayal was far worse than the pain for her. I felt that it was out of the typical Doc realm and liked exploring this other side of her." - Trenna Keating, "Doc Yewll"
  • "As Season Three begins, the Omec arrive in Defiance concurrent with the invasion by a splinter of the Votanis Collective. The Omec arrival brings a brief economic windfall to the town and it begins to recover. Our job in the Art Department is to interpret the visual intent of the scripts and apply that subtext to the show." - Steve Geaghan, Production Designer
  • "Finding the tone for T'evgin was my initial challenge; how he would sound, walk, etc. Basing a character on information provided from the script and then incorporating it into something real and tangible was tricky in the outset. How would he walk, how would he sound. I did not want to be buried under the makeup and prosthetics and be a 'talking head.' I kept asking the directors if this or that thought, emotion, or feel was coming across. I wanted the audience to be in T'evgin's head as his reality was unfolding being the newest resident of Defiance." - Conrad Coates, "T'evgin"

Votan Translations[]

Castithan History Book[]

The book Amanda reads from says,

And on the eve of the final rotation, the chosen were placed under waters and beneath stone, for the devils would soon emerge from the stars for the Dread Harvest. Once every orbital cycle, their world brushed against ours, and they would Harvest from every Votan race. Eventually, our ancestors united and fought them off. But not without great loss.[2]

Episode Dialog[]

David J. Peterson, the creator of the Votan languages, has made translations available on his Archive of Our Own page.

Translations for the Votan spoken in this episode can be found at Conlang Dialogue: Defiance, Episode 302.

Highlighted Quote[]

My name is Kindzi.
T'abinel Kindzi.


  • Because the first two episodes aired together as two hour premiere, they are sometimes referred to as a single episode (despite having separate episode titles), making this part of the first episode to air, but second named episode of the season.