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"The Opposite of Hallelujah" is the first episode of Season Two of Defiance and the 13th episode overall. It is scheduled to air on June 19th, 2014 on Syfy.


Nolan's search for Irisa takes him across the country. Irisa keeps a deadly secret. In no uncertain terms, Stahma Tarr lets her son, Alak, know who is really running the family business. Doc Yewll has a plan to escape the prison camp. Interim Mayor Pottinger could be in serious trouble.

Syfy's Fun Facts[3][]

The official information from Syfy about this episode.

  • For years the Earth Republic has sought control of Defiance for its gulanite mines. Gulanite is a valuable ore that was buried on Earth when the alien terraformers reshaped the planet. It's the primary fuel source in the new frontier. Following Arkfall, the Earth Republic took in millions of refugees from across the country. They soon found themselves short on food and fuel. The McCawley mines could solve the Earth Republic's energy crisis.
  • Viceroy Berto Mercado is a powerful politician in the Earth Republic. Mercado played a key role in helping transition the former Earth Military Coalition into what he now know as the E-Rep. Mercado is an ambitious player and is one of several candidates expected to throw his hat in the ring in the upcomnig Earth Republic elections.
  • Most of New Chicago's population lives underground to avoid the perpetual winter caused by terraforming. The town is located just outside the borders of the Earth Republic, making it the perfect home for anyone trying to stay off the E-Rep's radar.
  • Thesho was the traveling salesman whom Irisa held hostage in episode #5. Thesho's cult tortured Irisa when she was just a child and placed a strange silver object inside her. They believed Irisa to be the "Devouring Mother," a dark prophet would bring about a Votan rapture.
  • The Votanis Collective is an alien government headquartered in Brazil. There's no love lost between the VC and the Earth Republic, as both governments strive for control of North America. But their way is a cold one. VC spies are rumored to be everywhere, even Defiance. Datak has been a loyal supporter of the Votanis Collective for years, sending them a monthly stiped in the hopes that one day they'll return the favor.
  • This is the Los Angeles Archipelago, known by the locals as AngelArc. When the Arks fell, terraformers ripped Southern California apart, transforming the region into a series of islands. It's a lawless place run by powerful cartels and black market traders. It's said you can get anything in AngelArc....for the right price.
  • Do you notice that Irisa's poncho is made from an old California state flag?
  • The Capitol Records building is one of the few remaining landmarks in AngelArc, along with Mann's Chinese Theater and the Griffith Observatory. It's now been converted into beachside apartments.
  • The Irathient God Irzu takes the form of Irisa as a little girl whenever she appears.
  • "I am left to open the airlock door myself!" is a reference to the story Stahma told Christie in Episode #2 about how she first met Datak. Datak and Stahma were passengers aboard the same ship on the journey to Earth. Stahma's family had arranged for her to marry a "man of great honor." Despite her bethrothal, Stahma met and fell in love with Datak. When Stahma's fiancee found out, he challenged Datak to a duek. Before it could take place, Stahma's fiancee was mysteriously flushed out an airlock. Most people believed Datak was responsible. Now we know otherwise.
  • "Across the Storm Divide" - the song that played in the montage at the end of the episode - is sung by country star Trace Adkins, with lyrics by Defiance creator Kevin Murphy. It's got tons of Defiance easter eggs. You can listen to it here.
  • Irisa's vision of slashing Nolan's throat is Irzu's way of reminding Irisa about the details of their arrangement. Irzu resurrected Nolan in exchange for Irisa's help with its deadly plan. If Irisa doesn't keep her mouth shut, Nolan dies.
  • Season two of Defiance picks up nine months after the last. During that time, the story has continued to evolve in the video game. Nolan appeared in a crossover mission, searching for Irisa and Stahma traveled to the Bay Area on Tarr family business.
  • This is Varus Soleptor is an infamous Liberata businessman from the Bay Area (and the video game). Before their arrival in Defiance, Nolan and Irisa stole a valuable piece of the alien technology from Varus called the Libera Nova gem. Varus has spent the past year tracking down Nolan to seek his revenge.
  • Hellbugs are a pervasive threat in the video game. The one you see here is just a baby (called a "skitterling"), but you can fight the much larger warriors, matrons and even monarchs in the game.
  • In Castithan culture, females are subservient to males. Unlike Casti men, they're forbidden from taking lovers and bathing alone. We've already seen Stahma break both those rules. What other rules might she break in the future?
  • "Even my neighbor who watches Defiance didn't know it was me until I told him! Some of the crew who I had been working with for two seasons only ever met me as Irisa until the wrap party, and who knows it they'll remember that!" - Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa)
  • "Ever since Defiance premiered, people love to call me mayor. It's nice...I kind of like it!" -Julie Benz (Amanda).
  • "Founder's Day" commemorates the day that Rafe McCawley's small mining town officially became the town of Defiance. The three founders of Defiance were Rafe, Nicolette Riordan and Hunter Bell. Hunter Bell was murdered by Nicky after he discovered she was an Indogene spy. Nicky herself was murdered by Doc Yewll, who feared the devastation Nicky would wreak if she ever got her hands on the mysterious ship known as the Kaziri. And now Rafe has been stripped of his power and forced to work in his own mines. The town of Defiance has prospered. It's founders - not so much.

Deleted Scenes[]

  • Amanda hooks a human man up with an Irathient male night porter, telling him that Irathients have 31 muscles not found on the human frame, seven of which serve no other purpose than pleasuring their partner. He likes the sound of this and takes the night porter upstairs. Pottinger enters, calling Amanda, "Madam Mayor." She tells him to stop calling her that given Pottinger's the mayor now. Pottinger asks her if she watched his speech, but she's surprised he even needs to ask after she already skipped the four before it. He wants her to work for him because she was a popular mayor and she knows the town and its people, but she refuses and tells him to stop asking.
  • Datak and Doc Yewll are in Camp Reverie, trudging through water as people sling insults at them - calling Yewll a golf ball and Datak a haint. Someone pulls a knife on Datak, but she suddenly collapses into the water as Yewll watches from a distance. Yewll tells the E-Rep soldiers that she died of cardiac arrest and then hands Datak the needle she used to poison her.


  • Although Amanda is now wearing Kenya's clothing and running the NeedWant, Kevin Murphy confirmed that Amanda only runs the place. She is not working as a Night Porter like Kenya. [4]
  • Grant and Stephanie found it strange to be portraying Nolan and Irisa with secrets between them. Stephanie said, "we were sat in the car and neither of us could talk in the way that Irisa and Nolan would. It was strange. It felt like playing two new characters" as this was such a departure from how Nolan and Irisa interacted in season 1. [5]
  • Jesse Rath stated that Alak sees Datak's imprisonment as an opportunity to do things his way, but he still has to conform to the old way of doing things. "He's still not really in charge." Meanwhile, Jaime Murray understood Stahma's rage at having to conform to her child's opinions simply because he is a man. She describes Stahma as being like a cobra when she takes charge and tells Alak to follow her orders and not to question her. [6]

Votan Translation[]

David J. Peterson, the creator of the Votan languages, has made translations available on his Archive of Our Own page.

Translations for the Votan spoken in this episode can be found at Conlang Dialogue: Defiance, Episode 201.

Highlighted Quote[]

shit from shinola
shtak'sa shtagílo no

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