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Nolan at the second battle

The Second Battle of Defiance is the collective effort of the citizens of Defiance to repel the volge attack.

Events leading up to the Battle[]

Ben plants a bomb on the shield wall that was defiances primary means of defence against any form of attack. Once he succeeds Nolan quickly learns of the oncoming Volge Assault and with the assistance of Amanda Rosewater, Datak Tarr and Rafe McCawley, but absent Irisa, gathers the people of defiance to fight together against what would certainly be their destruction.

The Battle[]

The Volge attack in large numbers down the valley towards the downed Stasis net. Realising that a blast from the Terrasphere would destroy the attacking Volge. Doc Yewll says she will be able to do it but it will take time. Nolan then organises the defenders onto either side of the valley overlooking the Volge line of advance. The battle commences when the defenders ambush the unsuspecting Volge killing a few. Eventually though, the Volge with superior weaponry start to inflict heavy casualties. The tide of the battle turns as the Volge gain a foothold on the valleys climbing up and physically ripping defenders from their posts. Nolan at this point shows his military prowess and is seen tearing through Volge numbers. Soon the numbers begin to tell and it seems as though the plan has failed due to the Volge gaining more ground towards the Downed Stasis Net.

It is at this point that Irisa appears with the Spirit Riders to turn the tide. Their speed and agility allows them to pass through the Volge and pass the blast area for the Terra sphere which is then activated sealing the defeat of the Volge.