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Thesho Zajino aka Daigo is a Castithan cult leader who had tortured a young Irisa with her parents' permission because he was seeking a Messiah to bring about a Votan Rapture.


Founding a Cult[]

Three thousand years ago, a secret council of Indogenes built the Kaziri to terraform the Earth for Votan habitation. Two Irathients, Ashi and Reimlu, travelled on the Kaziri to complete the mission. When they awoke in Earth's orbit, they realized that the planet was inhabited and decided to mutiny rather than commit genocide. They successfully disabled the Kaziri by each one of them taking a key and implanting the kiziri's tendrils inside themselves. They vowed never to see the other again because as long as the keys remained apart, the Kaziri could not activate.

In the process of disabling the Kaziri, they modified their DNA, passing on the ability to activate the Kaziri to their decedents. Although Ashi and Reimlu separated, an unknown person wrote down this history. Unfortunately, over thousands of years, the story became garbled and misinterpreted.

During the Pale Wars, Daigo discovered the stories and came up with a religious interpretation. Believing he had found a prophecy from his god, Irzu, he founded a snake cult which began to experiment on young Irathient girls in search of a messiah who would bring about the end of the world.


In Daigo's search for the messiah (the Alaktta), several young girls died [1] before he found Irisa. In January or February of 2031[2], when Irisa was approximately 8 years old, he tied her up and tortured her with a snake, beginning a ritual to implant one of the keys to the Kaziri inside of her. Many years later, Irisa insinuated that he enjoyed torturing her like this and that it even turned him on.

Although he was seeking a messiah because of his religious interpretation of far historical events, he had actually found one of Ashi's decedents, meaning Irisa could take on the key to the Kaziri without dying like the other girls had. With the key implanted inside of her, a weak channel of communication was opened between Irisa and the Kaziri, but before Daigo could complete his ritual, Joshua Nolan saved Irisa. Irisa was rescued from Daigo and his cult, but she suffered from both the trauma he inflicted on her and the effect of the ritual. For most of her life, Irisa did not know that the visions that plagued her were the Kaziri communicating with her.

Daigo lost track of Irisa for 15 years.