• Thanks for the final touches to polish some of the pages I've created and been heavily editing yesterday and today.  There's a lot I don't know how to do yet, like adding categories and tweaking uploaded image files, and I really appreciate it! :)

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    • Categories:

      Go to the bottom-right side and in the line over the box, type in the category you want to add to it. 

      When you add an image to a page, you can tweak the size ahead of time. 250 pixels is preferred max size. If you forget, then go to "Source" mode, in the top-right corner of the editing box for that page. Then, go to "335px" and change the numbers to "250px."

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    • Thank you!  That helps a lot...I wasn't sure how much you could do to an existing image and I didn't know what the best max size for one is.  I'll keep it in mind for future edits, as well as how to add categories.  Much obliged! :)

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