• So after being upset that the bozo from the e-rep was in town, why did they let him sit in on all their official meetings? These people (the writers) are beginning to worry me.

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    • Because he had a previous relationship with Amanda, and so she seemed to of automaticalled vouched for him on some level, without even having to speak. But, I do agree, they are being wayyyyyy too nice to these e-rep people when they're in town, and yet, all they wanna do is kill them and level the town, so they can get their gulanite and whatever else it has to offer.

      That, and the Lawkeeper, Nolan, is ticking me off. First, he killed the prisoner without hesistation (which pissed off the e-rep), then, he kills Sukar without hesistation, which pissed off his daughter, Irisa. If he hadn't of killed the prisoner (the dude who made bombs during the pale wars), then the e-rep might've been more lenient to trade the railroad line into the town of Defiance for him. If he hadn't of killed Sukar, then the Irathients might've felt more welcomed into Defiance as a result of him saving the town, again. 

      There's a time to think and a time not to think, Nolan never thinks - ever. He just shoots away without any thought involved. Hell, he even lost Kenya completely and didn't think about it, just shot away and left, not trying to get involved with her again. 

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    • There will be a second season, but will it be worth watching?

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    • If they get their act straight and stop with this bullshit, then yes, it'll be worth it. Otherwise, most likely not. We need more hardcore action, less subtle-ness, more conspiracy, less friendlyness with our most hated foes (Nikki / E-rep), we need to enforce a railroad line, we need to stop trying to kick out Mayor Amanda from office after only being on the job for 3 freakin weeks -.- OMG! The list goes on!

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