• Hello, I'm a bureaucrat from PokéFanon. I was wondering if you and your wiki would be interested in becoming allies with our wiki. I would be willing to share templates and general wiki tips with you guys, and we may lend you some views. We are a fanfiction wiki for a video game/TV show obviously, so that makes us the perfect pair.

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    • Well, I don't really see any point to this, so imma have to decline.

      1. We're very inactive right now, and "you guys" is mostly me with some minor assistance from the other Admin of this site, while I'm in my process of moving from house-to-house, right now, while a whole bunch of other things are going down. This site won't become active until the Season 2 release on Syfy for the TV Show, which is sometime later this month. This site is primarily run on its TV Show viewers, rather than the Video Game players. 

      I'm mostly just a caretaker of this wikia, until such time that a fan can be acquired and trusted to be relied upon for the "passing-on" of the caretakership of the Wikia. However, I've created a forum posting for select volunteers that wished to either be a Chat Moderator, Video Game Admin, or TV Show Admin that has been up since January, 2014, in preparation of the Season 2 release coming soon, but no one has responded, due to the fact that no one really cares for this wikia, at the moment. 

      2. I don't really see how any of your templates or general wiki tips couldn't be found on MediaWiki's home site, as that is what Wikia is run on. I'm very good at aiming for target audiences for specific reasons, but all of those tactics have to be backed up by a fanbase, which is currently inactive, right now. 

      3. I don't see anything that our Wikias have in common, other than the fact that we support a TV Show/Video Game franchise duo. 

      Thank you for your offer and consideration of this wikia, but I am going to have to decline for the reasons stated above. Feel free to browse this wikia, anytime, and if you have any further questions or considerations, then feel free to contact me in the same manner!

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    • That's alright, thank you for your time.

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