OK. So far, I'm finding the following issues that I have with your changes: 

1) The background of the website, it used that picture for a year and a half, so that why it was changed to a much more updated picture. I'd like that reverted, to maintain an up-to-date status, while influencing a mixed feel of the game and the TV show, as we support both.

2) The FeaturedMedia. I like the bottom 3 videos, but I don't like the 21 second main video. It sounds way too generic and boring. Simply, take that video out, place the "Making of Defiance" as the main video. Because this community primarily supports the TV Show, as we are severely lacking information about the game.

3) Navigation Menu on Main Page. The buttons are too large, they should probably be somewhere around 100 x 100 px, instead of the 200 x 200 px that you currently have it set at. 

3a) The Navigation Menu Icon Pictures. The Votans Icon of Stahma Tarr should probably be replaced by Raiga, a Sensoth. He is a very cool, yet short-scened character, and all of the Sensoths are played by Kevin Shand

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