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Deputy of Defiance (TV)[]

Tommy is a Deputy that was under the command of Garret Clancy, before he was killed in "Pilot". Tommy is now a Deputy under the command of Joshua Nolan, the new Lawkeeper; however, his loyalty still lies with the mayor and his fellow Deputies (such as when he had Irisa's back in "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go").

Tommy was previously involved in a bad history of gangs, drugs, and violence, until Garret Clancy saw something in him and gave him a chance that changed his future outlook.

Background (TV)[]

Born in the early years of the war (2024)[1], Tommy arrived in Defiance an orphan, bearing the scars of his painful upbringing. Eager for a fresh start and a desire to put his past behind him, he eventually found his purpose as the Lawkeeper’s deputy. His bright optimism – and sharp survival skills – make him a good man to have in your corner.


He is stationed at Nolan's hospital bedside, when he is first brought in. Tommy is told by Garret that having handcuffed Nolan to the bed was a waste of time, which Nolan proves by easily getting out of the cuffs. When Garret is killed, Tommy volunteers to take over the investigation into Luke's murder, but Rafe tells Tommy that he has neither the skills nor the balls for the job. While Nolan is hunting the killer, Tommy must hold Irisa hostage at the town jail, to guarantee Nolan's behavior. Irisa tells him a different story about her adoption by Nolan, saying that Nolan murdered her parents.

Later, Tommy kills a Volge attempting to kill Irisa in "Pilot".


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