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Recovery Mission and EGO Integration. Main Missions 1 and 2. After character creation you have a cutscene that shows you falling to earth in a drop-pod.  Upon regaining control of your character the Ark Hunter is introduced to EGO, an AI that lives in your head - in a sense.

Surrounding Quests[]


  • 20 Scrip
  • 4000 EXP



Start of Game Tutorial - Recovery Mission, EGO Intergration, Help Cass - Defiance MMO-0

Directly following the character creation and subsequent cutscene, you will appear in a wreckage-strewn area standing in front of EGO - the AI that helps you along in missions and throughout the game.  Approach her and use your interact key to get your first mission, "Recovery Mission".

Upon accepting the quest you'll learn how to use your map and that option will be open to you.  There is a marker on your map and HUD directing you to retrieve a shield as the first step to learn about loadouts and the basics of the game.

After you find the waypoint hold your interact key to open the crate and get the shield.  Now the character options should be open to you, and you'll learn how to open your "Loadouts" and how to equip items.  Equip the shield now.  You will be given a new waypoint to get another weapon.

The second location will vary based on the origin you chose at character creation.  Follow that waypoint and listen to EGO tell you about the mutants.  Once you locate and retrieve your new weapon open the loadout screen again and equip it.  Do the same for the next waypoint, which will help you locate a grenade.  At this point EGO will explain how to switch between the two weapons in your currently selected loadout.

Once you equip the grenades you'll be taught about EGO Powers, this is a new mission called "EGO Integration".  The EGO AI will take you through a short tutorial on using each of the four EGO Powers (Cloak, Overcharge, Decoy, and Blur).  Once you choose which EGO Power you want to integrate you'll be given a new objective to help Cass hold off the Mutants.

Once you reach the area covered in mutants where Cass is located, you'll hear EGO mention that you need to interact with the thorium reactor to make it overlaod.  Once this is done all you have to do is hold the mutants off long enough for the timer to finish (this timer is in the form of a filling circle around an exclamation mark).  You will be rewarded with another cutscene, at the end of which you'll be over the wall and again standing in front of a manifestation of EGO.