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Ulysses is Bioman number 537634 of the Ulysses batch, 2037 model. He works as a "house champion" in fights for wagers at an establishment owned by Datak Tarr in The Hollows.



Ulysses was substituted for the current house champion when Datak Tarr became concerned that Nolan the unknown new fighter might beat the current champion. Ulysses was winning the fight, until Nolan remembered how to shock him and temporarily turn him off, by hitting him in the lower back. Nolan tells Datak that putting a few thousands volts through Ulysses will get him working again.

"Down...Dead Men Go"[]

Ulysses (and others) accompanied Datak Tarr to the Lawkeeper's office to try and take back a Castithan coward who had fled the battle against the Volge.

"A Well Respected Man"[]

Ulysses was working with Miko. His job was to collect people who would not be missed from Defiance so Miko could extract adrenaline from their bodies. He abducted Kenya Rosewater, drawing the attention of Joshua Nolan. After Kenya awakened from a drug-induced simulation and killed Miko, Ulysses was about to kill her when Nolan arrived and shot him dead.