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Von Bach Industries rose from the ashes of the Pale Wars and began operating within the fledgling nation of the Earth Republic. Initially crafting advanced terrestial weaponry, VBI has now moved onto alien and hybrid technologies that rival Votan designs. With CEO Karl Von Bach leading the Bay Area Expedition, COO Azumi Yoshida has stepped up to manage the company as well as oversee the more clandestine activities.


The faction contracts generally require the completion of a number of conflict sites. The contracts may also require the collection of specific resources from a certain enemy type.


The Von Bach Industries vendor is located at Shondu's Consulate in Paradise Territory.


The vendor sells various weapons that seem to have a bias towards the incendiary nano effect. The epic weapons have the "EGO Precision" synergy, which increases accuracy at low levels, and provides increased EGO ability duration on critical hits at higher levels. The vendor also sells the unique "Associate" title.