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The Votanis Collective bases its name on the home star system, the Votanis System, of the seven Votan species. After the arrival in Earth orbit of the arks, the Collective was given provisional membership in the United Nations.


Sulos Colony, the Votanis Collective's headquarters, is located deep within the jungles of Brazil. The United Nations granted this patch of land to the Votans back in 2015 as an olive branch, when virtually every other country on the planet refused to allow aliens to settle within their borders. In the intervening years, the Votans used their terraforming technology to transform the region into a near perfect replica of their homeworlds. However, few humans have ever seen these wonders, as Sulos Colony closed its borders to all outsiders shortly after the Pale Wars began in 2023.

According to news reports from 2023, Onulu Toruku, the Votanis ambassador to the United Nations, was shot and killed by a lone human gunman as he was leaving the United Nations. This event caused riots across the country, and ultimately led to the start of the Pale Wars. The Votanis Collective was the unified group that went to war against the Earth Military Coalition.

In the years that followed, conspiracy theories emerged as to whether his assassin, John Paul Bullock, was working alone, or if he was even human at all. It's possible that Bullock was an Indogene shapetaker (like astronaut Gordon McClintock, or Defiance's own Mayor Nicky, or the saboteurs who gave their lives to destroy the Omec fleet). One popular theory states that the Votans themselves started the war in the hopes of securing a purely Votan planet -- the same mission for which the Kaziri was originally built.

The VC of the 2040s[]

They export weapons and manufactured products to the rest of the world and import raw materials. In "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go", they were selling a shipment of weapons to Defiance in secret.

Little is known about the Votanis Collective's power structure, which is exactly how they like it. The VC is comprised of many different races and presumably was cobbled together from many forms of government, raising the question as to whether or not they have a "supreme ruler." To the outside world, Vizier Quando is their highest authority. However, the word "vizier" usually denotes a powerful advisor, suggesting that an even higher authority may be at work behind the scenes.

Before the fall of the Earth Republic in 2047, they maintained a tenuous peace the Votanis Collective, living in a state of cold war for over a decade. Although the VC is based in Brazil, they had been expanding northward, establishing colonies throughout Central America and Mexico. In preparation for a second war, the Earth Republic moved large numbers of troops down to Texas, but the fall of the Earth Republic halted this cold war, leaving North America open to the Votanis Collective, including rogue factions like the one lead by Rahm Tak.

Silora Voske[]

Silora Voske is the daugher of Onulu Toruku, and served as the Vice Chancellor of the Votanis Collective until her death in 2048. After learning that General Rahm Tak had started a rogue mission to commit genocide of the human race, she travelled to Defiance, not realizing the town did not know Rahm Tak no longer represented the Votanis Collective. Upon arrival in Defiance, she renounced his actions and attempted to make peace with Defiance as long as the town complied with her demands. She died after ark tech in Joshua Nolan's brain caused him to view her as a threat and shoot her.