Votanis Collective
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Key Information
Government/Organization Votanis Collective
Main Leader(s) Unknown
Representatives Unknown
Type of Government Unknown
Locations Eastern Brazil

The Votanis Collective bases its name on the home star system, the Votanis System, of the seven Votan species. After the arrival in Earth orbit of the arks, the Collective was given provisional membership in the United Nations.

Following the assassination of the Votanis ambassador, the Collective was the unified group that went to war against the Earth Military Coalition. In the Arkfall event, most Votans were killed. They are headquartered in Brazil, where they maintain a tenuous peace with the Earth Republic. They export weapons and manufactured products to the rest of the world and import raw materials.They sold a shipment of weapons to Defiance in secret, in "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go".

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