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Over Nolan's skepticism, Amanda welcomes an encouraging Votanis Collective delegation to Defiance. Stahma's loyalties are tested by an unexpected arrival, and T'evgin takes another step towards acclimating to life on Earth.

Syfy's Fun Facts[1][]

  • Blood lillies are a plant native to planet Casti. Despite their beauty, they are quite poisonous, and constitute one of the primary ingredients of Stahma's famous tea. T'evgin, of course, is immune to such poisons, and can admire the blood lillies for what they are -- a beautiful if dangerous flower. Not unlike Stahma herself!
  • T'evgin mentions Australia as a place where he and Stahma could run away from it all. In the year 2030, the rapid terraforming which reshaped the planet wrought havoc with global weather patterns. Many coastal towns were wiped clean off the map. The continent of Australia was consumed in a series of cataclysmic tsunamis, forcing many of its inhabitants to flee to higher ground. Sorry Ozzies! If it's any consolation, actor Grant Bowler (Joshua Nolan) was born in New Zealand, and began his acting career in Australia.
  • Even without the Earth Republic's presence, the Votanis Collective doesn't take any chances when traversing the wild and dangerous Badlands. These well-armored and well-armed vehicles look surprisingly clean for having made such a long journey, suggesting this delegation may have originated from the VC's forward base of operations in Amarillo, Texas. Up until recently, air travel between Sulos Colony in Brazil and the VC's northern bases was impossible due to atmospheric radiation and the unpredictable debris that constantly fell from the ark belt. That all changed when the Kaziri blasted the skies clear at the end of Season Two.
  • Sulos Colony, the Votanis Collective's headquarters, is located deep within the jungles of Brazil. The United Nations granted this patch of land to the Votans back in 2015 as an olive branch, when virtually every other country on the planet refused to allow aliens to settle within their borders. In the intervening years, the Votans used their terraforming technology to transform the region into a near perfect replica of their homeworlds. However, few humans have ever seen these wonders, as Sulos Colony closed its borders to all outsiders shortly after the Pale Wars began in 2023.
  • The word "haint" is the most derogatory slur one may call a Castithan. It was a particular favorite of Rafe McCawley, who used the word to describe the Tarr family on several occasions (before ultimately befriending them). In real life, the word "haint" is a Southern colloquialism derived from the word "haunt," and is slang for a ghost or apparition. It's easy to see how humans, confronted with the pale and ethereal Castithan race, may have appropriated this term.
  • Little is known about the Votanis Collective's power structure, which is exactly how they like it. The VC is comprised of many different races and presumably was cobbled together from many forms of government, raising the question as to whether or not they have a "supreme ruler." To the outside world, Vizier Quando is their highest authority. However, the word "vizier" usually denotes a powerful advisor, suggesting that an even higher authority may be at work behind the scenes.
  • Omec intentionally designed the Indogenes to be as wily and unpredictable as possible. This made their hunts infinitely more exciting. However, when the Indogenes rebelled and turned on their masters, the Omec realized the error of their ways. They created control stems as a way of keeping their prey docile between hunts. Unfortunately for the Omec, this invention came a little too late, as most Indogenes had already fled to planet Casti. The control stem forces its subject to obey all orders, even those that result in harm to one's own person. In addition, an Indogene fitted with a control stem is prevented from revealing its existence to prevent anyone else from removing it.
  • "I chose to give Datak’s arm a bio-organic twist rather than being simply a mechanical prosthetic device. As we were using Tony Curran's own arm, the appliance had to be thin and flexible enough so it still allowed Tony to use his own arm without the appliance getting in the way. The substrata is a transfer tattoo applied to the actor’s arm. It simulates exposed pink muscle. The near-transparent silicon glove with the gold surface technology is applied over that base layer for a really different and practical effect." - Steve Geaghan, Production Designer
  • Silora Voske is the first member of the valáne liro we've ever met. The Valáfyo are just below the Shanjifyo on the social scale. This liro generally comprises former members of the shanje liro who married someone below their liro, and were reduced in status (rather than having their spouse raised in status, which only happens rarely, as with Datak and Stahma). The Valáfyo serve as officials in the government, the military, and the church, but they can never rise as high as the Shanjifyo. Those whose families have fallen on hard times may occasionally have to labor for a living (which is considered shameful), serving as researchers, professors or medical doctors.
  • "The first 17-hour day was incredibly demanding and quite a shock to the system. I recall by day's end I was pulling myself out of my costume; it'd normally take three to four people to get me dressed. I think I was half way out of it before any assistance arrived ... I couldn't wait a moment more!" - Conrad Coates, "T'evgin"
  • According to news reports from 2023, Onulu Toruku was shot and killed by a lone human gunman as he was leaving the United Nations. This event caused riots across the country, and ultimately led to the start of the Pale Wars. In the years that followed, conspiracy theories emerged as to whether his assassin, John Paul Bullock, was working alone, or if he was even human at all. It's possible that Bullock was an Indogene shapetaker (like astronaut Gordon McClintock, or Defiance's own Mayor Nicky, or the saboteurs who gave their lives to destroy the Omec fleet). One popular theory states that the Votans themselves started the war in the hopes of securing a purely Votan planet -- the same mission for which the Kaziri was originally built.
  • Diplomatic relations can be tricky, especially when dealing with two parties who each accuse the other of genocide. For this reason, T'evgin and Silora have chosen a greeting in the other person's native language as a sign of respect.
  • "Try as I might, I could not get used to the brilliant prosthetic teeth! One of our executive producers said I sounded like Sylvester from Looney Tunes ... suffering succotash! Not good. I mean I had on fake teeth, contact lenses, a wig, full body paint ... I'm literally bolted into my costume each day and the Omec have webbed feet! Something had to give." - Nichole Galicia, "Kindzi"
  • At last, we finally get a good look at "The Butcher," the personification of Nolan's dark side. The Butcher's costume is patterned after the uniform Nolan wore in Season One, Episode 5, during the flashbacks in which Nolan rescued Irisa from Thesho's cult. They're the standard combat fatigues issued by the Earth Military Coalition. This iteration includes more of a Vietnam-inspired look, replete with helmet. If you look closely, you'll see a playing card stuck in his helmet. This is an Ivali card, which The Butcher presumably took off a dead Castithan soldier.

Votan Translations[]

Party Chatter[2][]

During the party for the Omec and the Votanis Collective, there was unsubtitled Votan chatter in the background, often inaudible and not meant to be listened to closely. Some of the dialog written for this scene is as follows:

Try this, it's delicious.
What is it?
Something called "shrimp."

Did you see the VC caravan?
I haven't seen that much artillery since the Pale Wars.

They say Rahm Tak was "rogue." What do they mean by "rogue"?
It means they'll speak nicely before rolling over this town.
I'd watch my back if I were you.

So who's paying for this party? The Omec or the Collecive?
Don't kid yourself. This is coming out of our pockets.

Are we going to have to listen to any more speeches?
I hope not. The woman watching my children will charge extra if I'm not home by ten.

Episode Dialog[]

David J. Peterson, the creator of the Votan languages, has made translations available on his Archive of Our Own page.

Translations for the Votan spoken in this episode can be found at Conlang Dialogue: Defiance, Episode 310.

Highlighted Quote[]

So it's mutiny then.
Av i abakendav.


  • Because the first two episodes aired together as two hour premiere, they are sometimes referred to as a single episode (despite having separate episode titles), making this the ninth episode to air, but tenth named, individual episode of the season.
  • Season 3 regular, Jesse Rath, does not appear in this episode
  • Season 3 regular, Anna Hopkins, does not appear in this episode
  • For T'evgin, "we extend his jaw, cover the prosthetic teeth, augment him with fanfs and a tongue. Since youc an't make certain sounds when your mouth is open, we cheated that with his teeth being in a certain position and his tongue doing a lot of the other sounds." - Jesse Toves, Visual Effects Composer [3]
  • The homemade device yewll uses to communicate with the Tsuroz is similar to the arkbrain interface Sukar built back in Season One to control a Votan ark as it plummeted from space[4]

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