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Yanga Kayang is a language that appears in the series Defiance.


Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal ɲ(ny) ŋ~ɴ(ng)
Plosive c(ch), ɟ(j) k, g ʔ(')
Fricative ç(sh), ʝ(zh) x~χ(kh), ɣ~ʁ~ʀ(r) h
Approximant j(y)

The voiceless uvular fricative is an allophone of [x], while the voiced velar fricative is an allophone of the voiced uvular consonants, and the uvular nasal is an allophone of the velar one.

Front Central
High i~ɪ~ɨ, iː(ii)
Low-mid a~ə, aː(aa)

The two diphthongs are [ai] and [aːi](aai).


Syllables follow a CV(C) syllable structure, and are based on mora, with all content words being at least two morae long. This means that a content word that is one syllable long must either end in a consonant or have a long vowel. Yanga Kayang only allows a small set of sounds to occur word-finally. A word may end in ng, k, kh or r. A word-internal syllable, though, may end in ng, k, g, kh, r, h, sh, zh, ch or j. Words cannot begin with vowels. And if they're seen starting with a or i by orthographic standards, they're actually pronounced with an unwritten glottal stop at the beginning. Words are stressed uniformly on the penultimate syllable, with secondary stresses occurring on every other syllable radiating outward from the stressed syllable. The only exceptions are words that end in either ng or r, which are stressed on the final syllable.


Yanga Kayang is rich in 5 noun classes and obligatory possession.